VIDSE 2020

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VIDSE will connect the entire ASEAN Defense and Security community on an unprecedented level.

VIDSE will bring together senior officials and decision makers from military, government, security services and industry. It is open to all members of the defense community, and those with a legitimate interest in the defense industry.

Attendees will come from over 50 countries, including Vietnam, ASEAN countries and the wider international community. 


Attendee profile

Vietnam Government

  • Ministry of National Defense
  • Ministry of Public Security
  • Ministry of Home Affairs

People’s Army of Vietnam

  • The Vietnam People’s Ground Force
  • The Vietnam Border Defense Force
  • The Vietnam People’s Navy
  • The Vietnam People’s Air Force
  • The Vietnam Coast Guard

Vietnam People’s Public Security

  • The Vietnam People’s Police Force
  • The Vietnam People’s Security Forces

The Wider Defense Community

  • Senior Defense Industry Professionals
  • Procurement Executives
  • Consultants, Researchers, Simulation & Training Professionals
  • International Government Delegations
  • International Military Delegations

Senior Delegation Programme

VIDSE will bring together 1,000+ senior delegations from the international defense community. The VIDSE VIP engagement team will work closely with Vietnamese and international government, military and security services to bring high-level officials to attend. Attendees will meet face-to-face with influential decision makers including:

  • VIDSE Attendees Meeting on Exhibition StandDefence and Security Ministers
  • Chiefs of Staff, Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Forces
  • Coastguard Commanders
  • Procurement Directorates
  • Plans and Policies Departments
  • Capability Development Directors
  • Heads of MRO
  • Marines and Special Forces
  • National Guard and Royal Guard Commands
  • Critical National Infrastructure Authorities
  • Defence & Security Contractors
  • Academia and Research Organisations
  • Associations and Industry Bodies